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UV Protection - 紫外線保護

Our lenses obtained the certificate from Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), which is one of the highest standards worldwide. It compiles with the requirements from AS/NZS 1067:2016. Our reference number is 12993-1.


我哋攞到由<澳洲幅射保護及核安全機構>發出對太陽眼鏡監管嘅認可證書, 澳洲政府對於太陽眼鏡監管可以話係全球最嚴格,所有太陽眼鏡必須取得呢份證書先可以進口澳洲,而申請呢份證書必須於澳洲當地取得,所有產品都必須由當地檢測機構進行測試,亦非一般歐盟或美國證書可以委託其他地方嘅測試機構發出,直接啲講係無得造假,無得"淘"返來

Life Time Guarantee - 永久保養

Our FANCY II™, HALO™ and Ovo™ are covered by 2NU Life Time Warranty. No matter if they break or you break them, we will repair your FANCY II™/HALO™/Ovo™ free of charge. Please note that scratched/damaged lenses are not covered by this warranty.


我地嘅FANCY II™, HALO™及Ovo™ 眼鏡框有永久保養,無論係眼鏡自己無啦啦爛左或者你唔小心整爛,我地都會免費同你整返好。留意返,鏡片是不在保養範圍內的。

Interchangeable Lenses - 可轉換鏡片

Although scratched or damaged lenses are not covered by our Life Time Warranty, FANCY II™ , HALO™ and Ovo™ lenses are interchangeable. Replacement kits are available at our online shop.



Optimal Weight - 最適合重量

Our FANCY II™, HALO™ and Ovo™ weigh in at 26-28g. Optimal weight for balance of stablility and comfort.


眼鏡輕身係好,不過又好易導致前重後輕失去平衡,流汗嘅時候會易㵦落嚟。我哋嘅FANCY II™, HALO™及Ovo™ 系列重約26-28克,啱啱好,唔會太重,又唔會失去平衡。

Durable - 堅固

We use TR90 for our frames. Durable enough for your next escapade! And it is covered by our LIFE TIME WARRANTY



Worldwide Free Shipping - 全球免運費

We provide worldwide free shipping for orders over HKD300 (USD39).



2NU Sunglasses

Originated and founded in Hong Kong, 2013, 2NU sunglasses aims at designing and manufacturing the most all-rounded sunglasses. Functional + Fashionable + Reasonably-priced make 2NU the best outdoor buddy you can find. Our signature styles, FANCY, HALO & OVO are in special design for extra comfort and lens materials bring clarity and protection, and most importantly, durability. The latest TrueView Optics lenses offering extra durability against sea water and sweat are prepared well for your next wild adventure.